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Umar Sheikh


Msc. Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health - Kings College London (Feb 2023 - Completion 2025)

RTT - Hypnotherapist &

Lifestyle Transformationalist 

C.Hyp; RTTP and Co-Founder of Azora Wellbeing

As a Lifestyle Transformationalist, I enjoy helping individuals and teams in high-stress situations. Be it in their work or personal life.

I combine my learnings of fitness, nutrition and Hypnotherapy to work with your mind, heart, soul and your practices to change the way you show up and live in the world.

I teach you how to accelerate your ability to create and synchronise coincidences, self-heal, and give birth to manifestations that can accelerate the quality of your life.

I have 20yrs of varied international business and strategy experience. After many successful but stressful years in my professional life, I reached a turning point in 2019.
I acknowledged it was time to make a change and decide how I wanted to live the years ahead.

This was the beginning of my well-being journey.

In order to discover my area of interest, I explored and continue to research various aspects of wellbeing and its connection with the mind and different parts of our anatomy.


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  • Trouble sleeping or Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • IBS

  • Chronic pain

  • Quit smoking

  • Business team reframing

    • Improve sales​

    • Increase productivity

    • Team alignment

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