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Sabina Zima

Health & Life Coach - Toronto, Canada

Sabina, is passionate about health and feeling your best. She works with you to take your health and wellbeing to the next level. Her approach is through transformation to create small habits one step at a time.


Sabina is certified from the Health Coach Institute as a Health Coach and is also certified by Human Potential Institute as a Life Coach and a Psychological Fitness Specialist.

She became passionate about health when she began feeling ill and also having to take care of her mother who has dementia. Turning her health around, she has never felt better in her life. Sabina enjoys a good walk in the forest (forest bathing), self care, lifelong learning and practices gratitude daily.


She will say, "enjoy life, this is not a rehearsal", and the only way to do that is by feel amazing!


The future of healthcare is coaching. Today there are 4 main areas that contribute to disease.

  • A sedentary lifestyle

  • Our diet

  • Smoking

  • Chronic stress

Lifestyle improvement is the best medicine.

How do we change our lifestyle?

First, we must address the underlying reasons for why we are stuck, then create habit change, one small step at a time, to ensure that these new habits stick.


"I will create a safe space for my clients to address any underlying issues that may be getting in the way of having a vibrant life.

We will go slowly, so that we can determine what support or resources might help you along on your journey.

I will be there with you all the way because it is easy to say we can do something on our own but, without that partner to hold you accountable, it isn’t always easy." - Sabina

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