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5 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Mental health needs as much attention as your physical health. In fact, they’re both intrinsically linked!

The following tips will help you to look after yourself and both physically and mentally and don’t take much effort; just personal discipline. 

1 Have a break

Francesco Cirillo, developed the Pomodoro (tomato in Italian) Technique, named after his tomato-shaped kitchen timer that he used while studying productivity and concentration at university student. The timer helped him work out that we are most productive when we take a break every 25mins or so. 

We recommend getting up and disconnecting yourself from all devices for short bursts through the day. And at least one break for at least 30mins to engage your brain in something else.

2 Get moving

Did you know that people who constantly fidget, tend to be slimmer? We’re all more sedentary than we should be, so take more conscious action to get up regularly, move around, stretch and breathe, all of which supports good physical and mental health. If you can, spend some time outdoors during the working day, particularly in the colder months. A quick workout before lunch or a walk after can be very restorative.

3 Care how you eat

Don’t just eat healthily, but also stop and enjoy your food. Put your cutlery down while chewing so it doesn’t tempt you to rush. If possible, move away from your workspace to eat your lunch. Try not to eat and drink on the move.

Nourishment is about food, of course, but it’s also about letting yourself rest regularly and looking after yourself.  

4 Rest 

Dictate a cut-off time for work-related communication and stick to it. Let yourself settle and relax in the evening; you’ll sleep more soundly as a result. 

Sleeping well supports your wellbeing significantly. Poor quality sleep can cause physical and mental health issues over time, and affects your concentration, tolerance and perspective. Alcohol doesn’t help – it really does negatively impact sleep quality, so try to have as many alcohol-free days as you can.

5 Connect with people

Stay in touch with your family, friends, peers, customers and suppliers. Networking can be a great way to connect with people who may be in a similar situation to you. 

To know ‘it’s not just me’ can be hugely helpful in diffusing any stress or anxiety you’re experiencing. Because it’s not just you; everyone needs to reach out for support and talk to the people you trust to tell them how things are going.

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