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Azmat Alibhai

Yogini, Nutritionist (Pakistan)

Azmat is certified by the American Board of Clinical Nutrition; a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Registered Yoga trainer from Yoga Alliance at the Himalayan Institute in Pennsylvania.

She is a researcher and writer for the Holistic Health Association of the Princeton Area (HHAPA) and has also conducted several workshops for the American Cancer Society, specialising in nutrition and wellbeing.



CME in Diabetes, Weight Loss, Ayurveda, Anti Ageing, Holistic Health, Nutrition and herbs for depression and Anxiety from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, U.S.A.

Azmat is now studying to qualify as a Doctor of Functional Medicine, specialising in Orthomolecular Nutrition (Expected to complete in 2023)

Master of Fine Arts - London U.K

certified Life Coach - Nevada, U.S.A

Certified NLP Practitioner - Navada U.S.A

Languages Spoken: English, Urdu, Greek, French and Arabic

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